About the Writers

Founder and primary writer of Nourished Writing

Sasha Aparicio

Sasha is a Food and Nutrition Anthropologist with a Master’s of Science in Food and Nutrition. Her interests lie in the crossover between the social and cultural elements that influence habits and behaviors and the science behind what happens to the body on a cellular level in response to environmental, biological, and social factors.

She has worked in many fields pertaining to nutrition, health, food, wellbeing, and fitness. 

Additionally, she has undergone entrepreneurial leadership training, digital marketing and search engine optimization, and writing and communication for behavior change.

Sasha Aparicio has been writing content for professionals, companies, and organizations in the health and nutrition field for over eight years. She has written content for small, medium, and major players in the healthcare, educational, and food product industries worldwide to highlight their expertise, help them connect with readers, and inspire their audience to take action.

Sasha founded Nourished Writing because she believes that:
- Written content for health fields and industries should be research-driven, unique, easy to read, and searchable.
- Access to valuable health information grounded in evidence that people can connect with is essential for inspiring healthier living.
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