Blogs are a great way to highlight your company or organization’s expertise and demonstrating that you are at the cusp of industry trends. They are also an essential element of most digital marketing strategies.
If you already publish blogs regularly, your off to a good start. However, search engine algorithms are continually evolving, and they consider elements like blog quality, readability, authority, and inbound and outbound linking.
In the fields of health, nutrition, food, wellbeing, and fitness, it is essential that your blogs are based on credible research and follow authority guidelines around health claims but are still easy to read by your primary audience. They also need to follow SEO guidelines so that your target audience can find your content.
The blogs Nourished Writing delivers are:
- Written by health and nutrition professionals
- Written to match your brand’s voice and tone
- Supported by up-to-date research
- Informed by SEO guidelines
Our writers have a proven track record in the health and nutrition fields and several years of experience writing SEO-informed blogs for entrepreneurs, key opinion leaders, companies, and organizations.
You can choose to have us ghostwrite your content, or you can request that one of our team members be listed by name.

Consumer Health Content

One of the primary purposes of content creation in the health and nutrition fields is to inform people about:
- Up-to-date healthcare guidelines
- The impact of lifestyle choices on health outcomes
- The most recent research on conditions and diseases
- Preventative care
- Disease and condition management
- How products and services you offer fit into health promotion, disease management, and disease prevention

Some of the ways to communicate this information are through:
- Long and short-form guides
- Articles
- Brochures
- E-Books
- Short courses
- Infographics
Nourished Content can create the copy for the consumer health content your organization needs.
Because we have a deep understanding of health behavior and the science behind health behavior change, we understand the role of written content in helping people make healthier living choices. We take pride in the final product you receive, knowing it will help real people make choices to improve their health. 

Our writers have a proven track record in the health and nutrition fields and several years of experience writing SEO-informed blogs for entrepreneurs, key opinion leaders, companies, and organizations.
You can choose to have us ghostwrite your content, or you can request that one of our team members be listed by name.

Gated content for lead generation

One of the most effective strategies to turn browsers and followers into real leads is by creating gated content.
Gated content requires people to fill out a form to access free, unique, high-value information.
Nourished content can create the gated content that makes the most sense for your business in whatever form you need.
Some popular selections include: 

- Long and short-form health guides
- Courses
- Contests
- Checklists
- Cheatsheets
- Email series
- Free trials
- Articles
- Brochures
- Infographics
- Kits
- Templates
- Access to online events and webinars
- Free tools
- Original research and data
- White papers
- E-books
- Lesson plans
- Repurposed content
If you have never created gated content for your business or organization, we can help you build a strategy to turn passive browsers into potential clients (link to content strategy and consulting).

White papers

White papers are authoritative, in-depth, and often persuasive reports about a specific topic of interest to or put forward by a company or organization.
Health and nutrition white papers must be backed by high-quality research and authority sources, and they must be written in a balanced and objective tone.

As part of a marketing strategy, white papers are an excellent way for your company to highlight your innovation, showcase your expertise, promote original research, and state your position on healthcare, nutrition, dietetics, clinician services, food products, or supplements, among others.
Some of the most common types of white papers you can showcase are: 
- Backgrounders: Provide information about a product, service, methodology, or health condition.
- Problem-solvers: Explore a health or nutrition problem and then describe what the research says about approaching the problem.
- Summarizers: You may want to summarize the research around a specific subject or provide a summary of a much larger document.
- Product and service comparisons: Compare and contrast the different features and benefits of products and services. You can choose to include your product to highlight what makes it stand out when compared to others, or you can highlight your knowledge by including only third-party products or services.

Nourished Writing has writers who have been awarded for their academic and technical writing and who have worked as public health and nutrition researchers.
If your company or organization wants to create a white paper as part of a marketing or education strategy, Nourished Writing can provide you with the content you need.


Your company can offer downloadable e-books to your audience to help you achieve two goals:
- Contribute to a marketing strategy: e-books generate leads, motivate participation, and highlight your expertise.
- Inform and educate your audience: E-books should contain original, high-value content for your users and clients.
For the marketing aspect of your e-book to an effective element of your marketing strategy, the content in the e-book must be high-quality and considered of value to your audience. 

Some e-books your company or organization could publish are:
- Nutrition e-books
- General health e-books
- Guides to disease management through lifestyle
- E-book courses
- General meal plans 
- Fitness and exercise e-books
- Recipe e-books
Are you short of time to write e-books? Do you know what you want to write but are having trouble figuring out how to organize the information? Nourished Writing can assist you with writing the content for your company’s nutrition and health e-books. 
Are you short of time to write e-books? Do you know what you want to write but are having trouble figuring out how to organize the information? Nourished Writing can assist you with writing the content for your company’s nutrition and health e-books.

Printed copy

Some professionals and organizations find that printed copy is still an essential element of their marketing strategy in the age of digital marketing.
Some examples include:
- Brochure copy
- Pamphlet copy
- Flier copy
- Care package copy
- Informational package copy
- Event program copy

Newsletters and EDMs

Newsletters and EDMs use your company’s email databases to get your content and key messages into your audience’s and potential leads’ mailboxes. In both cases, they should effectively inspire recipients to open the email, read its contents, and click on to your website.

Writing newsletters and EDMs people want to read is not easy to do. In only a few minutes, you have to catch the recipients’ attention enough to make them want to open your email and see if it has information that will add value to their lives.

Newsletters can be an effective way to keep your potential leads coming back to your website, keeping your brand name at the top of their minds, and helping your audience stay informed about your products and services. 

Electronic Direct Mail, or EDM, uses your email database to promote a specific product, service, or event you are offering. They are vital tools that you can use in your campaigns, and they must use language and include information relevant to your target audience
Nourished Writing can write the copy for your company’s newsletter or EDM to keep your audience interested, boost your conversion rate, and generate more leads.

Copy for Infographics

Infographics are a useful visual tool that can graphically communicate critical information to your audience in a short amount of time.
Health infographics can focus on describing complex biological processes, communicating how to treat or manage different conditions, assist readers with making decisions, and share key data, among many others. 

Nutrition infographics can describe how different foods interact with the body, highlight essential nutrients or foods and their effects on your health, or summarize the effects of supplements. 

Since infographics are primarily visual tools to communicate key information, each word included in the infographic must be carefully selected and easily matched with an illustration or icon.

Nourished Writing can write the infographic copy for your company or organization and match the copy to articles, blogs, white papers, and educational strategies that you feature.

Website Copy

Are you building your health or nutrition website from the ground up? Do you need to refresh and renew your website’s copy? Nourished Writing can write compelling website copy for your health and nutrition business that reflects your brand’s tone and voice and highlights your value proposition. 

Your website’s copy goes hand-in-hand with your logo, layout, and color scheme to represent your brand. We take pride in the opportunity to write the copy that will be an essential part of your brand. 
We work to get to know our clients and their businesses to write the website copy that will appear on their homepage and internal pages, and we match this knowledge with white hat SEO keyword integration.

Policy Guidance

Think tanks, companies, researchers, lobbyists, advocacy organizations, educational institutions, and politicians have an essential role in proposing and influencing health and healthcare policies and those that affect wellbeing.
The Nourished Writing team is passionate about using up-to-date, peer-reviewed research, current trends, and data to inform decisions that can improve the health of entire populations. We write policies, reviews, briefs, and proposals for issues of relevance to healthcare, the food industry, agriculture and farming, and nutrition and food security programs.

We will work with your team to put together:
- Policy proposal
- Policy reviews
- Information brief
- Policy impact briefs
- Issue briefs
- Policy guidance

Lesson Plans for Adult Learning

Educational institutions and certification companies that teach and train people in nutrition, food, and health have the goal of transmitting essential information to their students.
Lesson plans are the tools that instructors and professors use to help achieve their students achieve learning objectives. Effective lesson plans should provide maps for teachers to help students reach those objectives, whether the courses take place online or in-person
Nourished Writing can create lesson plans for your institution that include:
- Titles of lessons
- Length of instruction
- Learning objectives applying Bloom’s taxonomy
- Description of the materials needed
- Textbooks and references
- Evaluation methodologies

Nourished Writing can also help create evaluation tools, presentations, and other lesson materials for your institution.
The founder of Nourished Writing has eight years of experience teaching higher education students on a range of topics pertaining to health, nutrition, gastronomy, health coaching, and food culture in both online and in-person formats.

Copy Review and Fact-Checking

Do you have blogs, articles, and downloadable materials written? Do you need experts to review the information and integrate citations?

Nourished Writing will meticulously review your existing content and make sure the most up-to-date research backs all statements you make. Additionally, we will:
- Correct the copy to provide factual information.
- Make concrete suggestions for changes in direction, if needed.
- Integrate references and citations for statements and opinions (Hyperlinks, APA, Chicago, AMA, and other formats).
- Use language that is in-line with FDA and USDA regulation.

Get in touch with us to tell us about your content and copy revision needs. We will be honored to improve the quality of your existing content!

Food Copywriting

At Nourished Writing, we are foodies at heart. Whether you are a food blogger, nutritionist, dietician, chef, recipe maker, or gastronomist, we can provide you with the content you need for your website and social media outlets. 

Depending on your goals and brand style, we can focus on the social, cultural, nutritional, agricultural, or sensory dimensions of food. We can provide food and product descriptions, describe food qualities, and even describe agricultural and industrial processes.

Nourished Writing can write food copy and content for:
- Restaurants
- Chefs
- Gastronomers
- Dieticians
- Nutritionists
- Recipe makers
- Food bloggers
- Foodies
- Food manufacturing companies
- Food innovation companies
- Farmers and agricultural companies

Reach out to us about having us provide you with blogs, white papers, articles, gated lead content, e-books, and more.

Besides having ample experience in food research and writing, the founder of Nourished Writing is a certified Food Handler and Food Handling Instructor with comprehensive knowledge of FDA guidelines for food handling within the food industry.

Content Strategy and Consulting

Content creation is an essential part of digital marketing efforts. Still, most entrepreneurs and business leaders do not have the time or human resources to create and manage a strategy in-house.
Nourished Content can help you build a content strategy for your health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, or food business to assert your expertise and gain more leads.
Do you have questions about nutrition, health, and behavior change as it affects your business and the content you put out? Ask us about our Nourished Writing consulting services.

Spanish and English Content

Do you want to expand your business across borders?
Do you want your content to reach a wider audience?
Nourished Writing has health and nutrition professionals who are fluent in both Spanish and English. Your business can take advantage of this service if you would like:
- existing content translated into Spanish from English or into English from Spanish
- original content written in Spanish, English, or both languages
- content and copy revised for language errors and/or cultural relevance
All of Nourished Writing services are available for Spanish-speaking, English-speaking, and bilingual audiences.
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