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Newsletters and EDMs use your company’s email databases to get your content and key messages into your audience’s and potential leads’ mailboxes. In both cases, they should effectively inspire recipients to open the email, read its contents, and click on to your website.

Writing newsletters and EDMs people want to read is not easy to do. In only a few minutes, you have to catch the recipients’ attention enough to make them want to open your email and see if it has information that will add value to their lives.

Newsletters can be an effective way to keep your potential leads coming back to your website, keeping your brand name at the top of their minds, and helping your audience stay informed about your products and services. 

Electronic Direct Mail, or EDM, uses your email database to promote a specific product, service, or event you are offering. They are vital tools that you can use in your campaigns, and they must use language and include information relevant to your target audience.

Nourished Writing can write the copy for your company’s newsletter or EDM to keep your audience interested, boost your conversion rate, and generate more leads.

Gated content

One of the most effective strategies to turn browsers and followers into real leads is by creating gated content.
Gated content requires people to fill out a form to access free, unique, high-value information.
Nourished content can create the gated content that makes the most sense for your business in whatever form you need.
Some popular selections include: 

- Long and short-form health guides
- Courses
- Contests
- Checklists
- Cheat Sheets
- Email series
- Free trials
- Articles
- Brochures
- Infographics
- Kits
- Templates
- Access to online events and webinars
- Free tools
- Original research and data
- White papers
- E-books
- Lesson plans
- Repurposed content

If you have never created gated content for your business or organization, we can help you build a strategy to turn passive browsers into potential clients (link to content strategy and consulting).

Printed copy

Some professionals and organizations find that printed copy is still an essential element of their marketing strategy in the age of digital marketing.
Some examples include:
- Brochure copy
- Pamphlet copy
- Flier copy
- Care package copy
- Informational package copy
- Event program copy
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