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SEO blog writing

Blogs are a great way to highlight your company or organization’s expertise and demonstrating that you are at the cusp of industry trends. They are also an essential element of most digital marketing strategies.

If you already publish blogs regularly, your off to a good start. However, search engine algorithms are continually evolving, and they consider elements like blog quality, readability, authority, and inbound and outbound linking.
In the fields of health, nutrition, food, wellbeing, and fitness, it is essential that your blogs are based on credible research and follow authority guidelines around health claims but are still easy to read by your primary audience. They also need to follow SEO guidelines so that your target audience can find your content.

The blogs Nourished Writing delivers are:
- Written by health and nutrition professionals
- Written to match your brand’s voice and tone
- Supported by up-to-date research
- Informed by SEO guidelines

Our writers have a proven track record in the health and nutrition fields and several years of experience writing SEO-informed blogs for entrepreneurs, key opinion leaders, companies, and organizations.
You can choose to have us ghostwrite your content, or you can request that one of our team members be listed by name.

SEO website copy

Are you building your health or nutrition website from the ground up? Do you need to refresh and renew your website’s copy? Nourished Writing can write compelling website copy for your health and nutrition business that reflects your brand’s tone and voice and highlights your value proposition.

Your website’s copy goes hand-in-hand with your logo, layout, and color scheme to represent your brand. We take pride in the opportunity to write the copy that will be an essential part of your brand. 

We work to get to know our clients and their businesses to write the website copy that will appear on their homepage and internal pages, and we match this knowledge with white hat SEO keyword integration.

Copy Review and Fact-Checking

Do you have blogs, articles, and downloadable materials written? Do you need experts to review the information and integrate citations?

Nourished Writing will meticulously review your existing content and make sure the most up-to-date research backs all statements you make. Additionally, we will:
- Correct the copy to provide factual information.
- Make concrete suggestions for changes in direction, if needed.
- Integrate references and citations for statements and opinions (Hyperlinks, APA, Chicago, AMA, and other formats).
- Use language that is in-line with FDA and USDA regulation.

Get in touch with us to tell us about your content and copy revision needs. We will be honored to improve the quality of your existing content!


Infographics are a useful visual tool that can graphically communicate critical information to your audience in a short amount of time.
Health infographics can focus on describing complex biological processes, communicating how to treat or manage different conditions, assist readers with making decisions, and share key data, among many others.

Nutrition infographics can describe how different foods interact with the body, highlight essential nutrients or foods and their effects on your health, or summarize the effects of supplements. 

Since infographics are primarily visual tools to communicate key information, each word included in the infographic must be carefully selected and easily matched with an illustration or icon.

Nourished Writing can write the infographic copy for your company or organization and match the copy to articles, blogs, white papers, and educational strategies that you feature.
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